Different needs, different products

Use Cases

Learn how our data has helped different destinations improve their strategy and make better tactical decisions.
Case 1: Lithuania

Lithuania's Destination Management Organization sought to revitalize its destination strategy by acquiring targeted data on three key markets. Leveraging Travellyze's platform, the DMO obtained three customized Destination Reports, each tailored to provide detailed insights into Lithuania's performance in a specific market and comparative analyses with competitors. These reports empowered the DMO to understand market dynamics, identify strategic opportunities, and optimize its positioning to attract travelers from the selected markets.

With access to Travellyze's Research Access feature, Lithuania's data team also delved deeper into market-specific insights, facilitating the development of tailored marketing campaigns.
Case 2: Japan

Facing the challenge of refining its public relations strategy, Japan sought precise data on Italy's luxury segment to inform its approach. To address this need, Travellyze crafted a tailored AdHoc survey, meticulously designed to capture key insights into the Italian luxury traveler's preferences, including their sources of inspiration and preferred media.

Utilizing the data collected from the AdHoc survey, Travellyze produced a bespoke report, offering Japan comprehensive knowledge of the Italian luxury traveler and their media consumption behaviors.

Armed with these valuable insights, Japan's PR team could strategically tailor their messaging and outreach efforts to effectively resonate with the Italian luxury audience.
Case 3: Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria faced the challenge of refining its destination strategy by gaining nuanced insights into the European traveler market, with a specific focus on beach enthusiasts and food aficionados. Travellyze stepped in to provide tailored solutions, crafting three comprehensive Destination Reports—one for each target audience.

Furthermore, Travellyze supported the DMO with internal presentations, including a workshop hosted in collaboration with THR, one of our partners. This collaborative approach equipped Gran Canaria's team with invaluable data-driven insights, empowering them to make informed decisions and develop targeted strategies that resonate with their key audience segments.
Case 4: Louisiana

Louisiana sought precise insights into the Spanish traveler segment visiting the USA to refine its tourism strategy. Travellyze conducted a specialized Adhoc survey capturing demographic, behavioral, awareness and perception data.

With this data, Travellyze crafted a comprehensive report including transportation, booking, culinary preferences, and other key behaviors. The report also provided actionable resources, like word clouds and popular activities, enabling Louisiana to develop targeted marketing campaigns.
Case 5: Costa Del Sol

Costa Del Sol wanted to gather detailed demographic and behavioural information about their travellers, segmented by the market of origin. They also wanted to track awareness and perception of specific cities within their region. We integrated these destinations into our semestral survey and delivered the requested data directly to their dashboard via API.

Now, business owners and tourism professionals in Costa Del Sol have access to a more comprehensive data set, enabling better decision-making and strategic planning.