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Why Travellyze?
Travellyze is a cloud-based tourism analytics platform designed by tourism marketing experts and built to help tourism brands and destinations make smarter strategic and tactical marketing decisions.
Create a market profile by analysing traveller demographics, destinations perceptions and behavioural insights.

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Pre-programmed reports ready to build and download in minutes. Just tell our report wizard which destinations you wish to compare!

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Data Quality
The only qualitative benchmarking survey comparing +140 different destinations including image, perception, experience and awareness.

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Join the leading travel brands who already has destination and travel behavior intel with Travellyze
What are travelers doing, thinking, and feeling
about your destination
Travellyze delivers easy and immediate access to actionable marketing insights based on qualitative data so you can stop guessing and
really understand your potential traveller.
Travellyze is built specifically for marketers and our simple, intuitive interface means that you don't have to be a data scientist to access the data and insights you need.
Travellyze is fully responsive so you can get your answers anytime, anywhere and on any device.
We developed 3 blocs of data you can use to understand your target: demographics, destination perception and travel behaviour.
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Make use of our segments and travel insights on behavior, demographics, and perception to maximize the results of your campaigns.
Traveler expectations
Top 5 destination factors for European travellers: Cleanliness, Health standards, Low crime levels, Nature experiences and Living new experiences.
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Destination Perception
See how your destination compares +140 others and narrow them down whether they have visited you or not.
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Travel Behaviours
25% of European Travellers demand health and wellness experiences on their travels.
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