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Travellyze holds a portfolio of research and data products and services exclusively serving the hospitality, travel and tourism industries.
9.2 Million data points
COVID-19 intel
Endless combinations
How well do you know your travelers' and destination's potential?
Destinations, agencies, hotels, cruise liners and other players within travel and tourism are using Travellyze for market intel on destination profiling, traveler profiling, travel behaviour and COVID-19 insights in the following markets:

We have intel on more than 120 different destinations all around the world!
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Our secret recipe
The art of turning raw travel data into exquisitely rich insights
Fresh, proprietary data on traveler demographics, perception and behavior are the three main ingredients from which Travellyze can produce a full menu of actionable marketing insights. All data can be combined and crossed, which gives almost endless possibilities to customize reports and find exactly the insights you need.
What makes Travellyze unique?
A unique algorithm capable of defining a destination's image within a geographical market or a specific segment within a market.
The only benchmarking survey including +100 different destinations including image, perception, experience and awareness with integrated PR and trade/product values.
A yearly comprehensive travel consumer intelligence survey with travel behavior, patterns, factors, habits, motives and inspirations plus much more.
The yearly survey is conducted among a fully strategically representative cross section of more than 1,000 panelists from each market.
Unique COVID-19 insights
These are uncertain and challenging times for travel and tourism and marketers cannot depend on their experience from the past or their intuition of what to expect in the future. Therefore, we have done a COVID19 survey to understand the impact the pandemic has and will have on specific segments and destinations.

The new COVID-19 survey allows us to cross-reference our destination and travel survey with the new COVID-19 survey. An example of an insights made from this is: Those over 18 years old in the UK market, who have not yet visit Dubai, but would like to within the next 3 years, and want to travel in shoulder seasons, how has COVID-19 impacted their travelling?