Travel companies
Get the information you need to make the best decisions for your company! Improve your strategies with unique ultimate traveller profiles, rankings, reports, market research and more!
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We selected the following products based on the many needs of a travel company
Pitch Booster
Do you want to build the ultimate pitch for a new campaign or budget plan? We can help you! Information can be a great asset when supporting a new strategy or plan, let us boost your pitch with our data.
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Traveller Profiling
Does your company need to analyse different traveller profiles? We got your back! Our intuitive interface will help you conduct comprehensive market research and get actionable insights. You can cross-reference demographic, behavioural and perception data from different markets.
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Do you want to understand how a certain destination is perceived compared with others? We have developed a variety of unique rankings and indexes to help you understand a destination's position regarding awareness, perception, experience and revisitors analysis.
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Open Monitor
Do you need to match your data with ours? We can help you build a monitor to keep track of the segments and rankings that are relevant to your company.
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Customised Reports
Do you need a specific report but you don't have the time or data to make it? We can help you! Our team of data scientists and travel experts can navigate through 15 million data points and get just the information that you need. Even if you need more specific data, we can create Ad-Hoc Surveys and get it for you!
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Pre-Programmed Reports
Looking for fast but high-quality data? Choose between our 4 pre-programmed reports: Destination Brand Awareness, Sustainability, Country Snapshot and Country One Pager Report. They are ready to go and you can download them in minutes!
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Destination Plus
Have you ever wondered how your customers behave once they arrive at a certain destination? Get access to exclusive data regarding their routes, favourite places, attractions and cross-reference it with detailed information about their outbound market.
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