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Destinations and brands define important strategic decisions based on unreliable research or plain intuition. Thanks to Travellyze we have the data to understand what is happening, which travellers to target, and how to influence them.
All you have to do is tell our report wizard which destinations you wish to compare for which types of travel and Travellyze will generate a complete brand awareness report for you to view online or download as a PDF.

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The report is designed to provide an in-depth analysis of traveller perceptions of the tourism offering from over 120 countries as tourism destinations. An exclusive algorithm combines different variables such as perception, image, travel intent and consumer behaviour, for each different demographic and product segment at every destination. In total, the system analyses over 9.2 million data points to build up a precise profile of the potential visitors to a destination and the destination's current brand image and competitive positioning.
Not a data scientist? In a hurry? No problem! Travellyze’s artificial intelligence can do the job for you. There is a small cost per report but time is money and you can always build your own report from the research section if you prefer.

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How is the information displayed?


This section shows general demographic information for a specific market of travellers generally compared to those that have previously travelled to a destination or expressed an interest to do so in the future. It also shows their financial standing and the share of household income that is dedicated to leisure travel.

For example, the most common household composition among Spanish travellers who have travelled to Jordan are Cohabiting/Married and they have an average yearly household holiday budget of 3162€.

Brand Position

This section shows the destination's position in the Travellyze image index. The image index is based on a comprehensive algorithm, which compares and combines three other indexes measuring: perception, experience, and awareness. The result is a global scoring for the overall image of the destination among travellers, both those that have visited and those that have not.

Furthermore, 130 international destinations are ranked according to their image score.
For example, for Spanish travellers, Jordan is currently #88 in the global destination image index and 66.8% of them are aware of Jordan as a travel destination.

Perception Audit

This section focuses on the segment of the population that has NOT yet visited a given destination.
What is their perception? Would they like to visit it one day? Do they plan to visit it within the next three years?

For example, 60.1% of Spanish travellers would like to visit Jordan at some point in the future.

Experience Audit

This section shows the segment that has visited a given destination.
What is their experience? Negative, positive or so positive that they would like to revisit? And what is the percentage that have visited the destination?

For example, 32.8% of Spanish travellers that have visited Jordan want to visit it again.


The Brand awareness report not only allows you to know the experience in your destination but also in the main competitors' destinations. Thanks to this report you can quickly find out where your destination stands and how it has evolved over the last year.

For example, you can easily compare your destination to the top 5 competitors. 73.2% of Spanish travellers that have visited Turkey were satisfied with the experience.

The ultimate Traveller

This section summarises the most frequent responses in each section of the Travellyze survey to build a profile of the typical traveller from a given market to a given destination. For the descriptive text that defines the "ultimate traveller", the system automatically identifies only the most common response in each section so after the description the actual percentages for each option are listed.
For example, the ultimate Spanish traveller to Jordan is a 25 - 34 years old female. The ultimate traveller is someone who appreciates sun and beach holidays, cultural holidays (where historical and cultural experiences are the main purpose), and relaxing (unwind, getting into a lower gear). When choosing a holiday destination or travel product her main sources of inspiration are family & friends, online reviews sites (TripAdvisor, etc.), search engines (google, bing..), and Instagram.

Travellyze was not designed to produce data, it was designed to produce answers and drive data-led tourism marketing strategies.

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