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How do Honeymooners travel and plan their trips?

Honeymooners are an interesting target market for luxury destinations and international long trips. But the changes in tourism trends have deeply impacted the way they travel and the destinations they would like to visit.

Recently, we have added new data to our business intelligence platform about tourist trends in 2022. Thanks to this new data we can see the evolution of the honeymoon traveller during the last year and the most important changes in their behaviour.

Let’s discover the new honeymooner profile!

Market Research of the honeymooners

Demographic profile of the honeymooner tourist

Did you know that the number of men reserving honeymoon vacations in Spain has risen 37% compared to last year? Meaning the number of wen in Spain searching for honeymoon plans has fallen more than 21%.

However, women in England, France, Italy, and Germany are the main organizers of their honeymoons.

A current interesting change has been the age of the honeymooners. The senior honeymoon travellers (among 45 and 54 years) have increased almost 500%, 5 times more than 2021.

Budget Planning

How much do honeymooners earn and how much do they spend on their trips?

The household income for honeymooners has undergone a sharp change during last year. The income of this target has doubled and more than 20% of them confess that their holiday budget will be more than last year. This could be a result of the recent relaxation of restrictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most of them are spending 1,000 € to 3,000 € on their honeymoons this year. Although, this budget changes depending on the country and the household income. For example, German and Dutch honeymooners have more budget to spend on their vacation (up to 5,000€ for most of them).

Travel inspirations

Where do these segments of honeymooners get their inspiration for destination choice?

With regards to their online media inspiration, the podcast has increased more than 600% of its power as inspiration media for this target in Italy and Spain. WeChat, blogs, and Twitter seem to be 3 times more important for them as well.

However, in Germany, Twitter and Influencers have doubled their importance during the last year as online media inspiration.

Moreover, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook keep their position as the most inspiring social networks although TikTok has almost doubled its influence during the last year.

The offline media inspiration is not the least important for this target. In fact, for Spaniards and Italians, Newspapers and outdoor advertising, TV advertising, and cinema have doubled their importance among other media inspirations. This factor might be influenced by the increase in advertising during last year after restrictions due to the pandemic.

Destination Factors

How important are different aspects of a vacation to this segment of travellers?

Travel Factors Ranking

Almost 5 per out of every 10 people pay more attention to the safety standards; health and hygiene standards direct flights or local flights from its local airport.

Living new experiences is also important for European honeymooners.

But it seems that accessibility for less mobile phones has increased more than 40% during last year, a travel factor that enables all people to participate in and enjoy tourism experiences. Moreover, HoneyMooners are increasing their interest in shopping, less massification, and fine dining during their trip.

There are differences among different countries in Europe. For example, nearly 30% of Italian honeymooners also pay importance to pet-Friendly destinations and Dutch honeymooners look for adult-only locations.

Behaviour Analysis

Travel Booking Ranking

How do honeymooners book their trips?

Booking separate flights and hotels online via different booking portals and travel agencies has shot up over the last year. The use of price comparison sites is also on the rise.

The figure of the travel agent in person continues to be important for 70% of this target.

Travel Times

How many long and short trips did this segment take this year and how many do they intend to take next year?

German honeymooners used to travel mainly in April and May. Meanwhile, French honeymooners search for their vacations in July and August as Italian and Spanish travellers. On the other side, Nordics are wishing to have their honeymoon in June, July, or August.

Travel Accommodations

What type of accommodation do honeymooners prefer?

HoneyMooners commonly reserve 3-4* hotel or holiday homes for their vacations.
But a noteworthy aspect is that the interest in boating and farmhouses for Spaniards has risen almost 600%. In the meantime, English and Dutch honeymooners are more and more interested in camping, resorts, and glamping.

These changes might be influenced by the increasing interest in natural places, costal regions, villages, and less massification. It’s important to note that, during last year many cruises were banned because of the pandemic of COVID.

Type of Holiday Ranking

Beaches, culture, relaxation plans, and big cities are the types of trips this group are looking for, but active holidays are increasingly on their top of mind. Honeymooners has doubled its interest in skiing and golf holidays.

An interesting factor is that volunteering as part of a holiday is getting attention for this type of traveller.

On the other hand, German, English, and Italian honeymooners paid more attention to religious holidays and the practice of religion in the destination over the last year.

Travel Behaviours

Social and environmental responsibility

What are the different behaviours and actions honeymooners have done as part of a holiday?

They are looking to take part in domestic life to share local experiences of the destination with their acquaintances. These experiences create special memories of the vacations, so tourism board offices must keep in mind these aspects on the offer to the destination.

Eco-friendly accommodation or transport is even more relevant for this target.

In the case of German honeymooners, they have also supported a social conservation project (activism) as part of their trip.

Transportation used for international trips

Honeymooners are used to travelling using Premium economy flights or their own vehicle if possible. Likewise, Trains and Ferries are important for 60% of this segment.

Apprehension level

If you receive an interesting offer for a holiday somewhere with a travel alert/warning by your official government travel advisory, would you still travel?

Two out of every 10 honeymooners would still travel somewhere with a travel alert. In the case of Germany, almost 5 of each 10 would still travel, so its level of apprehension is lower than the other markets.

Destination /continent image rank

Discover how honeymooners travellers rank the image for each destination.

The destination's Image Index is based on a comprehensive algorithm with three dimensions as points of reference: perception, experience, and awareness. Each of these three metrics has been analysed separately below and together they make up the overall image ranking of the destination.

There are many differences among different countries in Europe. For example, for Spanish honeymooners, Spain (the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands), Canada, Italy, and the USA seem to be on their list of top destinations.

France and Germany have the Bahamas, and New Zealand close their top 10 destinations for this target.

What seems to be remarkable is that there are many similarities among the different countries in Europe which follow the trends of the tourism market after the pandemic. But, there are also many differences among each other.

Discover who is the top honeymooner traveller of your destination.
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