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Preferences Depending on the Travel Destination

In the world of travel, where you stay plays a crucial role in your overall experience. For this data wave, we decided to divide the analysis for accommodation, transportation, types of holidays, and booking methods depending on the travel destination zone: Outside Europe, Within Europe and Within Your Country. In the case of accommodation, the August 2023 survey reveals that preferences vary depending on this. Here's a breakdown:

  • Outside Europe: Travelers consistently favor 3/4-star hotels (34%), budget hotels/hostels (14%), and staying with friends and family (15%).
  • Within Europe: travelers choose 3/4-star hotels (37%), private rental as Airbnb (17%), and holiday homes (16%).
  • Within Your Country: the top three choices remain the same as “within Europe”, Camping (18%) and Farmhouses (7%) also gain popularity.

These insights suggest that travellers prioritize familiar and reliable accommodation options, regardless of their destination. However, when traveling within their own country, they seek more spacious and home-like accommodations, possibly for longer and more relaxed stays.

Holidays type: Shifting Preferences in throughout Markets

The type of holidays you prefer says a lot about your travel style. In 2022, "Sun and Beach" appeared as the favorite, followed by Relaxation Trips. In 2023, Sun and Beach tourism will remain at the top spot in most markets, except for Spain. In this country, the top spot is taken by “Cultural Holidays” (35%), where historical and cultural experiences are the main purpose. The second most common type of trip across the board is Relaxing, characterized by unwinding and taking it easy, with the exception of the French (30%) and UK (31%) markets occupied by holidays in small and unique towns. In Italy, the second spot is occupied by Big City Holidays (31%). The third spot varies depending on the market, but in most cases, it is taken by Visiting friends and family.

This trend signifies that travellers are increasingly seeking enriching and immersive cultural experiences, indicating a growing interest in learning, and broadening one's horizons during vacations.

Sustained Increase in Destination Awareness

Destination Awareness is a key factor in travel choices. In 2022, Spain and Barcelona (as a city) stood out. In 2023, France (88.9%) appears at the #1 place, Spain (88.8%) at the #2 and Italy (86%) at the #3. As cities: New York (97.6%), California (96%), Florida (95.5%), Miami (95%) and Washington (92%) lead the top.

These changes in Awareness levels suggest that travelers' recognition of different destinations is shifting, emphasizing the importance of staying competitive and adapting marketing strategies.

Changes in Favourable Destination Perception

Perception matters. In 2022, Canada (94%), Portugal (92%) and Switzerland (92%) had the highest favorable perception. In 2023, Norway (97%), Austria (96%) and Canada (96%) as countries; Valencia (96.1%) and Canary Islands (95.9%) as cities, take the lead.

The emergence of these destinations in 2023 underscores the need for continuous monitoring and adaptation of marketing and promotion strategies to meet evolving traveler preferences.

Significant Increase in Online Sources of Travel Inspiration

How we find inspiration for our travels is evolving. In 2022, recommendations from friends and family dominated. In 2023, online sources like search engines (48%) and reviews sites (40%) have gained importance. Social media platforms, travel agencies, and recommendations from friends and family remain influential.

In 2022 social media platforms such as Instagram (22%), Youtube (16%) and Tik Tok (7%) had a low percentage in the ranking. In 2023, these sources of inspiration have gained importance: Instagram (32%), Youtube (30%) and Tik Tok (15%).

This significant increase in the importance of online sources and social media indicates that travellers are increasingly relying on these platforms for trip planning.


Travel trends are ever-changing, and the August 2023 survey provides us with valuable insights into how travellers are shaping their journeys. Whether it's accommodation preferences, destination choices, awareness levels, or sources of inspiration, understanding these trends can help you plan your future travels more effectively and enjoy enriching experiences.
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