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Unlocking the Secrets of European Travelers: December Travel Trends

As the Holiday Season unfolds its festive charm, we embark on a journey to uncover the December travel trends of the European traveler. In this blog, we delve into the profile of the European traveler during this season, exploring their travel decisions, sources of inspiration, and destinations that capture their attention.

Booking the Trip: Three Different Paths

When it comes to organizing their winter getaway, European travelers opt for various booking methods:

  1. Booking accommodation and transportation separately through the websites of direct providers (46.68%).
  2. Using price comparison sites to book accommodation and transportation separately (45.74%).
  3. Opting for complete travel packages (flight + accommodation) through online travel agency websites (43.88%).
Recommended Action: Leverage the popularity of direct bookings by ensuring your accommodation and transportation services have user-friendly websites. Consider exclusive package deals for a seamless experience.

Holiday Preferences: Sun, Relaxation, and Reunions

A staggering 73.8% of European travelers favor sun-soaked beach destinations. Picture yourself in the vibrant beaches of Greece, the tranquil shores of Spain, or the picturesque landscapes of Italy. These are the top choices where the sun meets relaxation. Greece, Spain, and Italy lead our exclusiveImage Index, based on a comprehensive algorithm which encompasses perception, experience, and awareness.

Following closely, 60.11% seek relaxing respites, perhaps imagining a cozy retreat in a mountain cabin or a spa overlooking the snow-covered landscape. Meanwhile, 57.45% embark on journeys to reunite with loved ones during year-end festivities, envisioning heartwarming gatherings and festive celebrations.

It is essential to consider and act upon the sources of inspiration that drive this segment of travelers to embark on their journeys. Friends and family are the primary source of inspiration by a significant margin (66.22%). Further down the ranking are options such as search engines (50.27%) and online review sites such as TripAdvisor, (44.15%).
Recommended action: Leverage the strong influence of friends and family through user-generated content campaigns and referral programs. Boost your online presence by optimizing for search engines through targeted SEO strategies. Enhance your reputation on online review sites by actively engaging with customer feedback and encouraging positive reviews.

Upcoming Destinations on the Radar

What about future travels? When surveying European travelers about upcoming destinations, Greece emerges as the leader at 28%, enticing with its ancient history and sun-kissed landscapes. France follows closely at 24.4%, promising a blend of culinary delights and artistic treasures. Italy captures 23.8%, inviting travelers to explore its rich cultural tapestry.

As December unfolds, European travelers seek not just rest and merriment but the allure of thrilling discoveries in new lands.
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