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The European Active Traveller: Data-Driven Insights and Analysis

Demographics & Travel Budget Data

We defined the Active Traveller as all those who have expressed that the Travel Catalyst “Being Active” holds great or extreme importance. When analyzing this group within the general European travellers, we find that it is comprised of 28.9% of the adult population across the main European markets.

Active Travellers encompass a diverse demographic, with the top age range being 25-34 years, constituting 20.33% of the sample. Education-wise, Vocational Education stands out, accounting for 35.86% of the sample. Moreover, the majority of Active Travellers are Cohabiting/Married, comprising 47.13% of the sample.

In the past year, Household Income among Active Travellers has displayed fluctuations, with a notable decrease in the "Under 18.000 Euros" group. However, other income groups witnessed an increase, particularly in the "36.000 to 58.999 Euros" and "59.000 to 85.999 Euros" brackets.

Regarding Travel Budgets, 43.6% of respondents plan to maintain their travel budget at the same level as the previous year.

How Active Travellers Get Inspired

Active Travellers draw inspiration from a variety of sources. The most influential source is Friends and Family, with 61.89% of respondents relying on personal recommendations and shared experiences to shape their travel plans.

Search Engines, like Google and Bing, inspire 46.33% of Active Travellers. These platforms provide a wealth of information and options, allowing travellers to research destinations, activities, and accommodations comprehensively.

Instagram motivates 45.75% of Active Travellers. The platform's visual appeal and user-generated content make it an ideal source for discovering new destinations and activities through vibrant photos and engaging stories.

Online review sites, such as TripAdvisor, influence 42.36% of respondents. These sites offer detailed reviews and ratings from fellow travellers, helping Active Travellers make informed decisions based on the experiences of others.

YouTube inspires 40.49% of Active Travellers. Video content on YouTube allows travellers to virtually explore destinations and activities, providing a dynamic and immersive way to gather travel ideas and tips.
These are the top 5 destinations on the Image Ranking for Active Travellers in 2024

Travel Catalysts and Enablers

Active Travellers are driven by a range of catalysts that emphasize outdoor activities and immersive experiences. The top catalyst is Being Active, cited by 100% of respondents since it was the parameter we used to define this group. This group prioritizes staying physically engaged during their travels, seeking destinations that offer various active pursuits. The other top catalysts are:

  • “Visiting small and unique towns” appeals to 76.5% of Active Travellers. These travellers are drawn to the charm and authenticity of lesser-known locations, where they can immerse themselves in local culture and heritage.
  • “Nature & Outdoor Experiences” are a priority for 75.64% of Active Travellers. They seek destinations that provide opportunities for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities, allowing them to connect with nature and explore scenic landscapes.
  • “Food Experiences” are also a significant draw for Active Travellers, who relish the chance to taste local cuisines and culinary delights. Beach destinations provide a perfect blend of relaxation and activity, catering to those who enjoy water sports and sunbathing alike.

When it comes to Travel Enablers, the most relevant are:

  • “Safety Standards and Low Crime Rates” are crucial for 79.81% of respondents, who prefer destinations where they feel secure.
  • “General Cleanliness” is important for 79.1% of Active Travellers, who look for well-maintained environments.
  • “Health and Hygiene” standards are a priority for 78.19%, ensuring that their travel experiences are not only enjoyable but also safe and sanitary.

Additionally, there's a growing emphasis on “Living new experiences”, indicating a desire for dynamic and transformative journeys that enrich their lives and broaden their perspectives.

Active Traveller Behavior Analysis

Active Travellers exhibit distinct preferences when it comes to holiday types and booking behaviors, reflecting their adventurous and dynamic approach to travel.

  • Holiday Types: The majority of Active Travellers gravitate towards "Sun and Beach" holidays, seeking destinations that offer opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation by the sea. This is followed by a preference for Relaxing retreats, indicating a desire for tranquility and rejuvenation during their travels. Visiting friends and family also ranks high, reflecting the importance of personal connections and social experiences for this group.

  • Booking Behaviors: Active Travellers prefer flexibility and control when booking their travel arrangements. Most opt to book separate accommodation and transportation, allowing them to tailor their itinerary to their preferences. Direct booking through providers' websites is favored, emphasizing the importance of transparency and convenience in the booking process. For international travel, Active Travellers lean towards package trips booked online through travel agency websites. This reflects a desire for convenience and ease of planning, as well as the assurance of comprehensive travel packages that include accommodation and transportation.

  • Accommodation Preferences: In terms of accommodation, Active Travellers show a preference for 3 or 4-star hotels, which offer a balance of comfort and affordability. Holiday homes and private rentals are also popular choices, providing a sense of home away from home and the flexibility to accommodate larger groups or longer stays. Additionally, staying with friends and family and bed and breakfast options cater to those seeking personalized experiences and local hospitality.

These are the top 5 destinations on the Short-Term Demand Ranking for Active Travellers in 2024

In conclusion, understanding the insights and characteristics of the Active Traveller is crucial for destination marketers and travel industry professionals alike. With a diverse demographic profile and distinct preferences for outdoor experiences, immersive activities, and flexible booking options, Active Travellers represent a dynamic segment within the travel market. Stay updated on the latest trends and data-driven insights by following Travellyze on LinkedIn.In terms of holiday types, “Sun and Beach” holidays emerge as the preferred choice for Active Travellers, followed by Relaxing retreats and Visiting friends and family.
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