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One report to conquer all: Destination Brand Awareness Report

Data science has taken the business world by storm. Companies and brands not only understand the enormous value that data analysis can bring, but they want to start working with it as soon as possible. The travel industry is no exception and a lot of teams are really excited about this possibility but don't know where to start. This article will explain why the Destination Brand Awareness Report is the perfect first step to take on the road to data intelligence.

What is the Destination Brand Awareness Report?
The Destination Brand Awareness Report, or BAR as we call it, is one of Travellyze's pre-made reports. Our data scientists and marketing experts designed it to help destinations and travel brands make strategic decisions. The goal of this analysis is to shed light on the minds of travelers from a specific outbound market that visits your destination of interest. You can access this report within minutes; you just need to define your sample with 4 categories:

  • Outbound market: Your traveler's country of origin. Our platform gives you access to 15 European markets.
  • Destination: The country your travelers are visiting. You can choose from more than 147 destinations around the world.
  • Destination Factors: This section explores the level of importance that travelers consider of those factors at the moment of choosing a destination. For example, cleanliness and nightlife are the most relevant destination factors for British travellers that want to visit Croatia within the next 3 years. To access the report, you must choose 5 destination factors that are relevant to your destination.
  • Competitors: The destinations that your travelers might choose instead of yours. You can choose 5 competitor destinations from all over the world.

A Swiss Army knife of data
After you define those four parameters, our platform will analyze over 15 million data points to produce a rich report, filled with actionable insights. The BAR will give you an integral perspective of your destination and provide perception, behavioral and demographic data. We have divided the report into 5 sections:

  • Brand Position: A section focused on the destination's position in our unique image index. This ranking is based on a comprehensive algorithm that compares and combines three different indexes: perception, experience, and awareness. The result is a global scoring for the overall image of a destination, regarding both those who have visited and those who haven't.
  • Perception Audit: This section focuses on the segment of travelers that have not visited the destination. What is their perception? Would they like to visit one day? Do they plan to visit within the next three years?
  • Experience Audit: This section focuses on the segment of travelers that have visited the destination. Which percentage of your outbound market has visited the destination? What was their experience like? We include not only negative and positive reviews, but also those that had such a great time that they would like to revisit.
  • Demographics: This section divides your outbound market and compares the demographic information of the general population with those who have visited your destination. It compares the size of the sample, gender, age distribution, marital status, and education. It also provides relevant financial data like household income, current, and future travel budgets.
  • Ultimate Traveller: This section summarises the most frequent answers in each section of the Travellyze survey. With this data, we build a profile of the typical traveler from a given market to a given destination. For example, when analyzing Swedish travelers that visit Croatia, we know that the Ultimate Traveller is a 65-74 woman that finds inspiration for her holidays through search engines. This analysis includes demographic and behavioral data like inspiration sources, booking habits, preferred holiday type, and accommodation, among others.

How can it help me?
The BAR has already helped many destinations and travel brands around the world to understand where they stand within a specific market. It is perfect for market research and provides the context needed to develop effective marketing campaigns and strategies.

Our work with ProColombia, Colombia's National Tourism Promotion Agency, is a clear use case for the BAR. They needed to understand the reality of the Italian traveler after the Pandemic and how they perceived Colombia as a travel destination. We helped them by developing a customized version of the BAR. For this report, we added a specific analysis of the effect of the Pandemic on Italian travelers.

In conclusion, the BAR grants you access to a comprehensive level of data that will help you understand your standing within a specific market. It is very easy to get and you can start browsing the information within minutes. We believe it is the perfect first step towards using data when developing strategies and marketing campaigns. You can check out more about the BAR and the rest of our reports here!

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