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How to Leverage Travellyze Platform Data for Marketing Decisions?

In the digital era, the travel industry has become increasingly competitive. To succeed in this market, it is essential for travel companies and destinations to utilize effective data and make successful marketing strategies.

Travellyze is a cloud-based tourism analytics platform and travelers profile, designed and built to help you make smarter strategic and tactical marketing decisions. In this article, we will explore how to leverage Travellyze platform data to enhance marketing strategies and achieve greater success in the tourism sector.

Understanding the Potential of Travellyze Data:

Travellyze is a data analytics platform specifically designed for the tourism industry. It enables companies and destinations to collect and analyze a wide range of data related to traveler behavior, destination preferences, market trends, and more. By understanding the potential of Travellyze data, companies and destinations can make real and effective marketing decisions.

Segmenting and Understanding the Target Audience:

One of the advantages of using Travellyze is the ability to segment and understand the target audience. The platform provides demographic data, information on traveler interests and behaviors, allowing companies to create detailed profiles of their target audience.

By gaining a better understanding of whom they are targeting, companies and destinations can personalize their marketing messages, select the right channels, and tailor their offerings to effectively attract their audience.

This are examples of Demographic data you can access to in Travellyze to build the audience

  • Country: Country of origin for tourists
  • Region: Specific region within the country
  • Age: Age range of tourists
  • Gender: Gender of tourists
  • Civil Status: Marital status of tourists
  • Age of Children: Age range of accompanying children
  • Household Income: Income level of tourists' households
  • Level of Education: Educational attainment of tourists

Identifying Market Trends and Preferences:

Travellyze also offers valuable insights into market trends and preferences. Companies can access up-to-date data on popular destinations, preferred activities and holidays by travelers, seasonal demand, and other key factors influencing travel decisions. By utilizing this information, companies can adjust their offerings and promotions to meet the changing needs of travelers, thus maximizing sales opportunities and growth.

This are examples of Travel Behavior data you can access to in Travellyze to build the audience

  • Destination Factors: Factors influencing destination selection
  • Travel Barriers: Factors that hinder travel decision-making
  • Preferred Holiday Type: Preferred type of vacation
  • Travel Budget: Budget range for travel expenses
  • Preferred Traveling Month:
  • Internal Trips: Preferred month for domestic trips
  • Regional Trips (within Europe): Preferred month for regional trips within Europe
  • International Trips: Preferred month for international trips
  • Quantity of Trips:
  • Regional Trips (within Europe): Number of regional trips taken
  • International Trips: Number of international trips taken
  • Means of Transportation: Preferred mode of transportation during travel
  • Types of Accommodation: Preferred types of accommodations
  • Channels of Inspiration: Sources that inspire travel decisions (online and traditional)
  • Booking Channels: Platforms or channels used for making travel bookings
  • Apprehension Level: Resilience or apprehension related to Government travel warnings
  • Sustainable Habits: Tourists' modified habits caused by environmental concerns.

Ranking destinations:

Travellyze offers different types of rankings based on a different metric, in order to rank destinations. Among them are: the overall image ranking, the awareness ranking, the perception ranking, and the experience ranking.

This are examples of Rankings you can access to in Travellyze to build the audience

  • Destination Image Ranking & Index: Ranking and index of destination image perception
  • Destination Awareness Ranking & Index: Ranking and index of destination awareness among tourists
  • Destination Perception Ranking & Index: Ranking and index of tourists' perception of the destination
  • Destination Appeal Ranking & Index: Ranking and index of destination appeal among tourists
  • Destination Short-Term Demand Ranking & Index: Ranking and index of short-term demand for the destination
  • Destination Experience Ranking & Index: Ranking and index of tourists' experiences at the destination
  • Visitation Analysis Ranking & Index: Ranking and index of visitation patterns and trends
  • Revisitors Analysis Ranking & Index: Ranking and index of revisitation patterns and trends

Making Informed Decisions:

By leveraging Travellyze data, companies and destinations can make more informed, evidence-based marketing decisions. Instead of relying on assumptions or intuition, decisions are backed by real, concrete data and precise analysis. This helps minimize risks and increases the chances of success in marketing strategies.

Why might it be useful?

The data from Travellyze enables the understanding of your target audience better, and it helps you make intelligent and strategic marketing decisions.

To exemplify this, we will share with you a specific use case:

We have been working in a specific use case: a DMC and hotels in Bolivia. Responding to their need, our goal is to gain deeper knowledge through insights into the profiles and behaviors of travelers from four markets of origin: Spain, France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom.

By gathering all the data through Travellyze, and with the specific brand awareness indicator, we discovered that the main objective of Bolivia is to improve awareness of the country as a travel destination in the mentioned European markets. We calculate the brand image index using an algorithm based on perception, experience and awareness.

With this index we discover that Bolivia is ranked:
  • #109 in France
  • #118 in Spain
  • #116 in Italy
  • #122 in the Germany
  • # 125 in the United Kingdom.

Also, we analyzed Peru, the first competitor of Bolivia. This country has a better position in the Image ranking and is ranked:
  • #69 in France
  • #81 in Spain
  • #84 in Italy
  • #89 in Germany
  • #77 in the United Kingdom

With this information, it is possible to determine the marketing strategies that Bolivia needs and allow strategic decisions to be made to improve the positioning of the destination.

Both the DMC and its hotels benefit from prioritizing actions in these markets, both in the online B2C channel (campaigns, social media, etc.) and in the offline B2B channel, such as participating in international fairs and developing strategies for said fairs.

Also, the data provide an overview of the country's positioning in these markets and the comparison with other competitors.
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