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Variations of Tourist Destinations

Travellyze is a cloud-based tourism analytics platform designed to close the gap of knowledge between tourism destinations and travellers. Our platform will help you understand how the destinations are perceived and help you make smarter strategic and tactical marketing decisions.
At Travellyze we screen the data and extract the rankings of the most visited tourist destinations worldwide. This enables us to understand the level of Awareness a destination has and its comparative position with the rest of almost 150 globally.
In Travellyze we collect two data waves, one for each season (January to August and July to December). This article identifies similarities and differences in the Awareness ranking between seasons.
We consider the top 20 of the Destination Awareness ranking of January 2022 and January 2023, regarding 7 markets of origin: Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Nordic countries and the United Kingdom.

Which are the countries with the best “Awareness” in January 2022 compared to January 2023?
At the beginning of 2022, after the pandemic took away from us the possibility of traveling for a while, European tourist destinations were positioned at the top of the Destination Awareness ranking. Spain, Italy and France are in the top 3 and lead all types of tourism thanks to the variety of attractions that the destinations offer. In 2023 the top 3 remain but, in another order, the leader continues to be Spain, then France and Italy in the third position.
We did the same research for 4 types of holidays: 1) sun and beach holidays; 2) cultural holidays, where the historical and cultural experiences are the main purpose; 3) relaxing and unwinding holidays; and 4) giving importance to the environmental concerns like a travel factor to choose a destination.
Results brought out that the same countries are always in the top 3. Spain leads the top in sun and beach and relaxing holidays, also this country has the best position of environmental concern. France, for his part, leads the top of cultural holidays.
If we compare insights from both data waves for the Destination Awareness rankings, we are going to find almost the same countries in each of them. However, some differences arise. In 2023 Netherlands (#7) moved up three positions compared to January 2022, Switzerland (#8) dropped one position and the United States of America (#10) two, being the first non-European country in the rankings. The Nordic countries are in the same position, except Norway (#13) that moved up one position in 2023.
The twentieth position becomes a surprise because it is the only position in both rankings that is occupied by a non-European country. In the 2022 ranking we find México (now #21), an American country and in the 2023 ranking appears Australia (in 2022 was on #21), in Oceania.
Following, the Destination Awareness ranking graphics of January 2022 and January 2023.
Destination Awareness by Country, January 2022
Destination Awareness by Country, January 2023
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Photo credit: Sebastian Leon Prado
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